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Lydia-Anne Carstens is a registered Clinical Psychologist based in Durbanville, Cape Town. She uses an integrative approach to psychotherapy, which means that her therapeutic approach and techniques are tailored to the individual client and their presenting problem. Services provided include Individual Psychotherapy (Adults, Adolescents and Children). She has a special interest in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Both short-term and long-term psychotherapy, in English and Afrikaans, are offered. Read more.

Adult Therapy

Lydia-Anne provides individual psychotherapy for adults 18 years and older. The therapeutic process commences with an intake interview used to gather important background information relating to the presenting problem.

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Child Therapy

Lydia-Anne utilizes play therapy with children between the ages of 6 – 12. The therapeutic process commences with an intake interview with the child’s parent(s) or caregiver(s)  in order to obtain background information

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Adolescent Therapy

Lydia-Anne provides individual psychotherapy for adolescents between the ages of 13-17. The therapeutic process commences with an intake interview with the adolescent’s parent(s) or caregiver(s) in order

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Lydia Anne Carstens

HPCSA no: PS 0127663

Pr No: 0619388

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How to Help Kids Deal With Embarrassment

For most adults minor embarrassments are just a part of life — annoying, but inevitable and hardly a big deal. But for many kids, embarrassing experiences can be very upsetting and, in some cases, may lead to serious issues like anxiety and avoidance. We can’t protect...

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Early Behavior Therapy Found to Aid Children With ADHD

Early Behavior Therapy Found to Aid Children With ADHD

Children with attention-deficit problems improve faster when the first treatment they receive is behavioral — like instruction in basic social skills — than when they start immediately on medication, a new study has found. Beginning with behavioral therapy is also a...

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A Parent’s Guide to Teen Depression

Learn the Signs of Depression in Teens and How You Can Help Teenage depression isn’t just bad moods and the occasional melancholy—it’s a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen’s life. Teen depression can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, self-loathing and...

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Bedtime Mindfulness: A Gratitude Body Scan for Children

“Mummy, can we do a different mindfulness practice tonight?” “Sure we can Darling, would you like to?” “uh-huh.” “OK, close your eyes, and settle down into your bed and take your attention down to your feet. “Feel from the inside where your feet are in the bed, where...

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What is Punishment?

Punishment is a term used in operant conditioning to refer to any change that occurs after a behavior that reduces the likelihood that that behavior will occur again in the future. While positive and negative reinforcement are used to increase behaviors, punishment is...

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15 Things Therapists Actually Want You To Know

1. It’s not really a therapist’s job to give you advice. They’re not here to tell you if you should call off your marriage or quit your job. “The real job of therapy is to get to know yourself better and change the way you’re thinking, the way you’re behaving, or the...

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