Adult Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Lydia-Anne provides individual psychotherapy for adults 18 years and older. The therapeutic process commences with an intake interview used to gather important background information relating to the presenting problem. Further appointments are made thereafter. The number of sessions depends on the nature of the presenting problem.


Individual psychotherapy is provided for the following presenting problems:

      • Acute Stress Reaction
      • Abuse/Neglect
      • Adjustment problems
      • Anger and Anger Management
      • Anxiety/fear
      • Depression and other Mood Disorders
      • Disruptive Behaviour Disorders
      • Eating Disorders
      • Grief and Bereavement
      • Personality Disorders
      • Poor Self-Esteem
      • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
      • Stress and Stress Management
      • Self-Harm/Mutilation
      • Shyness and Loneliness
      • Suicide
      • Trauma
      • Other Psychiatric Disorders